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Love & Rocket embodies the long-term partnership of Jonathan & Sacha.  Since meeting in a popular Mayfair brasserie, we have seldom been away from catering.

After training in France, Chef Jonathan headed up many a busy kitchen for restaurants & event companies in London & the South East, and also taught in West Herts. College.  Jonathan has always been motivated by authenticity, attention to detail, and just being a stickler for doing things properly.  There are no shortcuts for this chef!

Likewise, Front of House Manager Sacha has spent years in busy restaurants & event spaces in London, as well as working in social care with vulnerable adults.  She is passionate about the concept of service as a way of life, recognising that everyone deserves individual care & attention, and she is a stickler for ensuring that everything is done to support this in a smooth & beautiful fashion.

We did our first bespoke picnic for a friend’s wedding reception which took place in a gorgeous London park many years ago.  The combination of an eclectic bunch of people coming together in a unique location to enjoy a very special occasion & the personalised feast we created for them, was an instant joy, and is something we have loved to do ever since.

Having moved to the Sussex seaside, in a conscious decision to slow down, we have, in every sense, joined the slow & sustainable food movement.  We grow most herbs & edible flowers on our allotment, compost all fruit & veg peelings, and seek out local producers.  Priorities are also to minimise waste, travel and meat consumption.  We like to provide more inclusive menus, that can cater to everyone’s dietary needs, but are also plant-based in such a way that no one notices because they are so delicious.

We love to devote our combined expertise to working one-to-one with our customers, either for a company fun day, a child’s birthday, or any celebration or get-together which we know will be truly one-of-a kind.

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