Love & Rocky Road

Rocky Road Tray Bake

Love & Rocky Road

Chunky, chewy, sweet & chocolatey – it can only be a classic Rocky Road. This is a great way of using up left over baking bits like dried apricots, dried figs, prunes, dates, mixed nuts and berries. This one is made with pink marshmallows, glace cherries, raisins, digestive biscuits and hazelnuts. We make these the same size as our other bars but they are so rich you can easily cut them in half again. You’ll need a large baking tray about 30cm x 40cm and at least 3cm deep.

Makes 20 bars or 40 squares,


450g unsalted butter

720g dark chocolate

200g golden syrup

720g digestive biscuits

360g pink marshmallows

200g glace cherries

100g raisins

50g chopped hazelnuts PLUS a small handful for sprinkling


Weigh out the golden syrup in to a pan, add the butter and chocolate and heat gently until everything has melted in to a silky smooth chocolatey sauce. Be careful not to allow the mixture to boil else the chocolate will burn, so stir frequently.

Drop the biscuits in to a large bowl and bash lightly with the end of a rolling pin. You want a good range of sizes – this is not a delicately refined tray bake so keep it fairly chunky. Add the marshmallows, glace cherries and hazelnuts and mix to distribute everything. Pour over the chocolate sauce and mix well, coating all the ingredients.

Tip in to a lined baking tray and even out using the back of a metal spoon, pushing in to the corners. Sprinkle with the remaining chopped nuts and refrigerate until well set before cutting in to decent sized slabs.

Love & Rocky Road

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