Breakfast Buffet Delivery

Perfect for an office breakfast meeting or early morning location shoot, our breakfast buffet delivery menu is packed with healthy bites to help kickstart your day. Delivered in eco-disposable buffet boxes with palm leaf plates & waxed wooden cutlery our breakfast buffet comes ready to go with no preparation required.
If you like you can upgrade to ceramic serving dishes & platters, china plates & stainless steel cutlery. We can also supply chilled cold drinks, hot coffee and staff to serve and clear.

Breakfast Buffet Delivery £16.50 per person

Chilled overnight oats w/ papaya & agave syrup
Chia pudding w/ kokoyo & blueberries
Fresh fruit pots w/ Melon & tropical fruits or seasonal berries
Seed & nut flapjacks
Thin seeded bagels w/ smoked salmon, creamed cheese, dill & capers or creamed cheese, smashed broad bean & lemon zest
Vegetable frittata with peppers, onion & mushrooms
Open sandwich with smashed avocado, quail egg & savoury sprinkles on rye

Get in touch to see our full range of menus and services or for a no-obligation quote for your event.

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