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We offer a range of party catering for all types of events, celebrations and occasions from office parties and birthday parties to life celebration wakes and weddings.

Our cold buffet menus start at £12 per person and include compostable palm leaf plates, wooden cutlery & woven paper napkins along with bamboo serving tongs. They are delivered in disposable serving trays ready to go and you can choose from our standard menus, upgrade to include further dishes or have us create a bespoke menu for you.

Our hot buffets usually require chefs to have access to kitchen facilities to finish preparing and cooking your food, in addition to the menu price. This could be a domestic or office kitchen, or a space where we can set up our own cooking equipment. In some instances, we can deliver hot food ready to go, but this will affect the menu options we are able to provide.

All our buffets can be given a higher degree of presentation by upgrading to ceramic plates and stainless-steel cutlery, and ceramic serving bowls & platters. We can also supply staff to serve your guests and clear plates.

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Cold Finger Buffets

from £12 per person


Menu A

Crostini w/ prosciutto, caponata & caper berries

Baby gem leaf w/ celery, soused grapes, toasted walnuts & tarragon yoghurt

Harissa roast chicken & chorizo skewer

Kholrabi taco w/ king prawns, carrot & miso slaw and pickled watermelon rind

Rice paper wrap w/ hot & sour vegetables, holy basil & coriander

Extended menu £15 per person

Buckwheat blini w/ treacle cured salmon, sour cream & watercress

Taramasalata crostini w/ sweet pickled cucumber & dill

Add dessert £3 per person

Mini Sicilian lemon tarts

Cointreau-steeped gooey chocolate brownies


Menu B

Crostini of whipped ricotta w/ broad beans, preserved lemon, chilli & mint

Red chicory leaf w/ saffron poached pear, dolcelatte & Parma ham

Pimento roast chicken skewer w/ tomato & olive

Soft corn taco w/ miso glazed salmon, soya beans & wakame aioli

Filo roll w/ roast squash, feta, sultanas & mint

Extended menu £15 per person

White chicory w/ soft boiled quail egg, green beans & capers

Pastilla of lemon poached chicken w/ pomegranate molasses

Add dessert £3 per person

White chocolate & cranberry tiffin squares

Sticky orange & almond cakes


Menu C

Spicy nduja crostini w/ marinated paneer, coriander & pistachio

Baby gem leaf w/ feta cheese, tomato, cucumber & black olive

Skewer of tuna mi-cuit w/ coriander relish, japanese pickles & black sesame

Spinach crepe w/ salted ricotta, roast pumpkin & chilli flakes

Crispy duck pancakes w/ mango, spring onion & kecap manis

Extended menu £15 per person

Char-grilled king prawn w/ roast garlic & chives

Tarama salata crostini w/ sweet pickled cucumber & dill

Add dessert £3 per person

Pavlovas w/ passionfruit cream & fresh raspberries

Mini baked blueberry cheesecakes

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Cold Fork Buffets

from £15 per person


English Summer Buffet

Roast Sussex ham w/ honey & mustard glaze

Asparagus & cherry tomato tart

New potato salad w/ chives & chive flowers

Green leaf salad w/ spring onions, cucumber, radish & citrus dressing

Freshly baked bread w/ whipped fennel seed butter

Extended menu £18 per person

Wild mushroom scotched eggs w/ tomato chutney

Green beans & charred tenderstem broccoli w/ lemon & olive oil

Add dessert £3 per person

Eton Mess

Apple & blackberry crumble


Italian Buffet

Pimento roast chicken w/ olives & tomato

Spinach & Grana Padano tart

Green leaf, herb & black grape salad, toasted hazelnuts & citrus dressing

Conchigle pasta salad w/ sun-dried tomatoes, broad beans, sultanas & herbs

Artisan breads w/ olive oil & balsamic vinegar

Extended menu £18 per person

Heirloom tomato & buffalo mozzarella salad w/ sea salt, basil & olive oil

Hummus, romesco sauce & salsa verde

Add dessert £3 per person

Classic Italian Tiramisu

Vanilla panna cotta w/ seasonal berries

Middle Eastern Buffet

Harissa & lemon roast chicken

Roast squash & feta filo parcels w/ spinach, pine nuts & mint

Red, white & wild rice w/ saffron, barberries & pistachios

Fattoush salad w/ sumac seasoned pitta croutons

Flatbreads w/ dukkah & olive oil

Extended menu £18 per person

Roast cauliflower & chickpea salad w/ preserved lemon, parsley & pomegranate

Hummus, minted yoghurt & babaganoush

Add dessert £3 per person

Sticky orange & almond cake

Dark chocolate & cardamom brownies

Nordic Buffet

Mustard baked ham w/ lingonberry jelly

Akvavit cured salmon w/ dill pickles, capers & pink pickled onions

Potato salad w/ red onion, dill & wholegrain mustard mayonnaise

Radish, fresh pea & cucumber salad

Sourdough & rye breads w/ whipped fennel seed butter

Extended menu £18 per person

Roast beetroots w/ apple & toasted hazelnuts

Celeriac & lovage remoulade, sour cream & caper mustard

Add dessert £3 per person

Baked blueberry cheesecake

Cranberry & ginger muffins


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Hot Fork Buffets

from £18 per person

Menu A 

Chickpea & root vegetable tagine w/ dried fruits & sweet spices, minted yoghurt & pomegranate molasses

Moroccan chicken tagine w/ preserved lemon, saffron, cinnamon & dried fruits, minted yoghurt & pomegranate molasses

Saffron pilau rice w/ barberries, pistachio & crispy shallots

Fattoush salad w/ tahini yoghurt & sumac spiced pitta shards

Flatbreads w/ dukkha & herb oil

Extended menu £21 per person

Baby spinach & red onion salad w/ citrus dressing

Hummus & babaganoush

Add dessert £3 per person

Chocolate & cardamom truffle cake w/ whipped vanilla cream

Orange & almond cake w/ zesty mascarpone


Menu B 

Salmon baked w/ maple & wholegrain mustard

Roast chicken supreme w/ lemon, sage & caper butter

Hasselback potatoes w/ garlic & herbs

Green leaf & chive flower salad w/ scallions, radishes & lemon dressing

Freshly baked breads w/ whipped fennel seed butter

Extended menu £21 per person

Charred tenderstem broccoli w/ preserved lemon, chilli flakes & yoghurt

Salsa verde & romesco sauce

Add dessert £3 per person

Sicilian lemon tart w/ raspberries & sour cream

Classic Italian Tiramisu


Menu C 

Slow roast pork shoulder w/ crackling & rhubarb compote

Baked aubergine w/ chickpeas, almonds & feta cheese

Roast Provençale vegetables w/ fennel, courgette & sundried tomatoes

New potatoes w/ parsley butter

Freshly baked breads w/ whipped fennel seed butter

Extended menu £21 per person

Haricot blanc w/ parsley, garlic & olive oil

Sauce vierge & saffron aioli

Add dessert £3 per person

Apple & blackberry crumble tart w/ whipped cream

Eton Mess w/ fresh seasonal berries & compote, whipped cream, lemon curd & crushed brown sugar meringues

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